Trulli Cucina Povera

Trulli Cucina Povera - MeeniyanTrulli Cucina Povera - Meeniyan

At Trulli, life happens around the table. Good conversations, a bottle of wine shared between friends, tearing into a loaf of still-warm bread, a little ‘Grazie’ here, a little ‘Prego’ there. Trulli is heart and soul food, born from deep traditions. For brothers Francesco and Claudio, growing up in a farming family in the small village of Noci, Southern Italy, instilled in them a resourcefulness and resilience in their approach to food, a philosophy known as Cucina Povera. Put simply: magic made from humble ingredients. While traditional methods of fire-cooking, fermenting and hand-rolling run deep within their veins, it is their boldness and curiosity to move beyond tradition that makes a generous plate of Trulli food, distinctively Trulli.

93 Whitelaw Street, Meeniyan

(03) 5910 6762

opening hours:
Thursday 4 – 9pm Friday 12 – 9pm

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